X-Pro II - Retro Box + Android Media PC - 2024 Edition

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Enjoy high-definition graphics and crisp upscaled visuals that bring your favorite classics to life. Integrated with the ability to save and load your game progress, you can pick up right where you left off!

Our organized operating system ensures fast loading times and easy navigation, making it a breeze to explore. 

Compatible with all HDTVs and monitors! 

Get ready to embark on a retro gaming journey like no other with the X Pro II. Rediscover the joy and excitement of classic gaming with cutting-edge technology, intuitive features, and a seamless user experience!

Powered by a powerful ⚡ chipset, this system delivers smooth performance, leaving competitors in the dust. Say goodbye to frustrating, cheap, and complicated systems! Don't be fooled! They cut costs while we deliver absolute retro bliss!  You've seen the reviews online! They speak for themselves.




Transform your TV into a powerful home media center with our Android OS-enabled console. Enjoy all the benefits of Android on your TV, including access to a wide range of apps, streaming services, and any online content.

With its all-in-one functionality, this system combines gaming with modern media capabilities, giving you a versatile and convenient entertainment hub in your living room. Say goodbye to multiple devices cluttering your space and embrace the convenience and versatility of our amazing 2-in-1 system!




We take pride in offering a 12-month warranty on all our bundles, so you can shop with confidence. In the unlikely event of any manufacturing defect, we'll promptly repair or replace your product at no cost to you. Our commitment to excellent customer service sets us apart from the competition. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have, providing reliable support when you need it the most. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand by our promise of outstanding service. Our reputation is like no other! This is why we're trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.



  • 4K / 8K HD Resolution Scaling.
  • Built-in classics
  • 45K - 55K Compatible Titles.
  • Preconfigured Cheat Database
  • Save / Load game progress.
  • Add/Remove your own supported platform titles.
  • Full artwork while navigating menus
  • Organized Game Collections Layout.
  • Pre-Configured controller settings
  • 4:3 original screen or 16:9 full screen
  • Wifi/LAN capabilities
  • Bluetooth Pairing 
  • Android 9 / Dual Boot 
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Instant Save/Load Feature
  • Online / Offline Multiplayer (Up to 8 Players)
  • Wireless/Wired Controllers 
  • 128GB or 512GB MicroSD storage (Compatible 45K/55K in 1)



Standard Edition:

  • X-Pro II Console
  • 128GB or 512GB MicroSD Card (See Storage Options) 
  • HDMI cable.
  • 2X wireless 2.4ghz USB gamepads (Upgraded Model)
  • TV media controller
  • AC power adapter
  • Instructional videos / FAQ/walkthroughs

Ultimate Edition:

  • Everything that's included with the standard edition.
  • Two wired 64-style USB gamepads (10 feet)
  • 4-Port USB splitter hub.

Ultimate Plus Edition:

  • This option contains the same accessories as our ultimate edition but includes 4 (FOUR) wired USB joysticks! Perfect for those who wish to enjoy 4-player challenges!

​​​​Please note:  The colors and designs of the USB gamepads will be chosen depending on availability for either the ultimate or ultimate plus bundles. They might vary from the image displayed in our catalog.

Curious about our bundles and what's included? We want to give you choices to enhance your X Pro II experience, and that's why we offer different bundle editions. These bundles come with a variety of accessories and controllers to cater to your exact needs. Check out our 'What's Included?' banner above for the detailed breakdown of each edition to see exactly what you're getting! And remember, no matter which bundle you choose, you'll always receive the same fantastic device!






Brace yourselves, folks, because this little powerhouse is about to unleash some serious gaming magic! Behold, the "Technical Stuff" that'll have you saying, "Wait, did a gaming wizard create this? 😎


Processor – S912 Chipset Octa-Core 64bit 1.8GHZ
RAM: – 4GB of DDR4 RAM.
GPU: Cortex-A53 Mali T820
Storage – 128GB (40K) /512GB (50K) MicroSD card 
Video Output – HDMI - 1080P - 60HZ (1920x1080)
USB – 2x USB ports (expandable to 8) with adapter (4 port adapter included in ultimate)
Connectivity: WIFI 2.4/5.0GHZ -ETHERNET- BLUETOOTH 4.1

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Chris R.

Ok so you've been searching day and night for an all in one arcade/classic gaming system that won't break the bank, and you've landed on this site. Well you can stop searching because you have found the best emulation system for an out of the box, plug an play arcade/classic gaming experience. Out of the plethora of "plug and play" systems you find out on the internet, I can personally assure you that the staff at Yo Geeky Retrokat Electronics has your back after purchasing this system and are ready to answer any questions you can throw at them. Whether you are familiar with emulation or not, they are ready to support you in any questions or concerns pre and post purchase. A lot of time has been spent trying to present to gamers a unique and perfected experience with this console, and it does not disappoint. After powering this console I immediately had a grinch like smile on my face after so many memories were unlocked just by seeing the titles and systems available. Coupled with great background menu music and an easy to understand catalogue setup, there really is no reason to look elsewhere. Now, of course like anything, there is a learning period of getting used to the way this emulation console is set up, so please watch the intro video by scanning the barcode in the box. It is worth the watch to get you to better understand how everything works. Let me be perfectly clear in saying that "No system with emulation is perfect", and any gamer who has dabbled with emulation will corroborate this. So that being said, not every game responds to a plug and play with bluetooth remote setup the same way (especially MAME games), but the creators of this product have spent the time to configure the controls to be the best out of the box experience it can. But, if you still feel the need to configure the controls to a way that you prefer, it's just an email away to the staff to have them walk you through the process. Some games utilize the analogue stick, while others only utilize the D-PAD. But that's how the older systems were designed anyway so it just takes some getting used to. So stop deliberating and get one of these consoles already! You absolutely WILL NOT be disappointed you did.

Matt Thrash
Extremely Satisfied!

Excellent console and excellent service! 5 stars all the way!

Michael Bierce
Excellent product.

Don't waste your money on the cheap emulators. I purchased one of those for $60 and it was not only cumbersome and clunky, but moat of the games were not in the English language.

This product rocks and the customer service is fantastic.

Worth the money. Enjoying retro gaming.

Will Opel
Extremely Happy With My Purchase!!!

I’ve had the X-Pro II 2024 Edition for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve been pretty busy during this time, but when I have free time, I have been doing all of my gaming in this system. All other gaming consoles have been pushed aside for the moment, aside from my daily VR workout sessions. The X-Pro II is going to keep me busy for a very, very long time! I think that it is overall an amazing console and I am very happy that I decided to make this purchase. This easily is at the top of my list of all time favorite consoles! I love it and look forward to gaming on it daily!

Happily Surprised.

As someone who has been using emulators for years on my computer. I've always wished there was a device that could deliver all the retro games I enjoy on my computer but for my TV. Well X-Pro II is that device! Now of course there are other devices in the market and I haven't tried them. But I did my homework in reading reviews and looking up video reviews as well and I felt this device was a good buy.

X-Pro II accomplishes everything I wanted. Is it perfect? It's close to perfect but there are small issue with it. A few games play slow with the bigger console emulators and a few games don't work but this was the same on the emulators I have on my computers so no big deal especially that probably 90% of the games do work. I'm pretty sure all other devices in the market will have the same issues, it's something that emulators have had issues with for years. The remotes work well and simple to learn. However some games use a more complicated remote layout that don't work with your average remote controls but this is not X-Pro II fault..

In the end X-Pro II is a perfect combination of everything I was looking for, great retro games and great consoles systems all laid out in a perfect menu with some cool retro music that plays in the menu window.

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